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Francis DePeiza is the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY candidate for St. Michael North, with a vision for the development of Barbados into an even more just and inclusive society. He believes that we must meet the challenge of expanding our economy into a globally competitive market space by the development of creative technologies through investment in the intellect of our people, our primary resource. Barbados' competitive advantage in research and development, given the educational platform laid by successive DLP administrations, will depend upon the development of cogent policies to equip our people with the tools to create and master new technologies. That focus combined with creating the environment to foster an entrepreneurial spirit is the stepping stone to personal empowerment and national competitiveness that will work to offset the ravages of the current financial crisis generally which has become the biggest problem facing Barbados in recent times, but on a more individual level also works to redress unemployment and unemployability.

Conversations with the constituents of Saint Michael North have convinced him that the immediate problems they face are: 

  • Limited access to decent and affordable housing
  • Unemployment and underemployment
  • The high cost of living

Francis' vision for a more just and appropriately managed tax regime, coupled with his commitment to developing viable and productive sectors of the economy will both work to address these concerns. His vision for the development of Barbados is rooted in the DLP philosophy of investing in people and equipping them to solve their own problems. Francis is convinced that the answer to personal independence and wealth creation lies in stepping up the education revolution started during the 1960's. His desire is to be empowered by the residents in St. Michael North to formulate and implement policies that would create for Barbados and its representative communities more opportunities to acquire new skills and experiment with the new technologies.

Francis is a graduate of Harrison College, Howard University and the University of Miami. He is both a Chemical Engineer and an Attorney-at-Law and has fused these disciplines into the specialized practice of Patent Law as a Partner with the law firm of CARRINGTON & SEALY (established 1872). He currently works from his office in Barbados to provide the legal protections necessary to facilitate exploiting the cutting edge of patentable technologies, industrial design and other technological innovations, but also provides services in other forms of Corporate Intellectual Property Law, Law as applied to the Internet, international law, Trust & Estate Planning, real estate matters and litigation and advisory. He also provides corporate counsel to Boards which span the range of corporate services from telecommunications, banking and investment, finance and management, and charitable/service clubs.

In addition to being called to the Bar in Barbados, he is also a member of the New York State Bar and the American Bar Association.

Francis remained a Partner with the Firm until his decision in September 2006 to serve the community as a candidate for the Democratic Labour Party in the St Michael North Constituency in the 2008 Election. Subsequent to his defeat in that election, falling 120 votes shy of victory, he returned to Partnership with the Firm in March 2008, but continues to work to strengthen ties between residents of St Michael North and their several communities, being the patron of several active and annual programmes designed to enhance personal and community development. He remains an active member of the Democratic Labour Party and served the Party nationally and internationally as its General Secretary for the 2009-10 year.

Within the past 4 years, Francis has served on and is currently the Chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board (QEH) guiding and supervising the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY's sustained commitment to the improvement of health care delivery through improved diagnostic capability and improved service quality. He presently also serves as a Trustee of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Trust. He has also served on the Film Censorship Board as its Deputy Chariman since 2009 and is a past Chairman of one of the National Insurance Scheme Benefits Committees.

Contact Francis
Home (246) 422 6705
Mobile(246) 231 0889

Constituency Office (246) 425-0889
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Facebook: Francis De PeizaThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view